Compass Freight & Logistics (CFL)

is a premium Freight, Contract Logistics, and Relocation company based in Damascus, Syria. The company is backed by professionals who have decades of in-depth industry experience. We offer wide range of customized services to our clients in different verticals

Our Mission
To constantly provide high quality Freight and Logistics services inspired by innovative solutions that are customer centric.
Our Vission
To become an industry leader by providing customized, competitive and simplified Freight, Relocation and Logistics Services to our clients.
Our Values
We offer a comprehensive, efficient and reliable land forwarding service throughout Europe, Middle East and Gulf and North Africa which has been tailored to meet our customers specific requirements. So with our vast range of partners throughout Western and Eastern Europe, we are able to offer a full door to door service wherever your origin or destination may be.


Compass Freight & Logistics, operating since 2005, has grown into a leading freight forwarder in Syria, offering full range of freight business with the strong footing on the industry- experience. The companys present excellence can be attributed to its professional management approach along with long-serving customers across various industries. With more than a decades reliable experience and in-depth knowledge of the freight forwarding industry, we have been able to provide state-of-art services to our clients worldwide. The companys Sea, Air & Land operations are fully networked with Syrias Ports & Customs facilities which enable us to provide prompt and fast services to our valued clients. Despite our size the Compass Freight & Logistics (CFL) has never lost sight of its strengths; providing a local, personal service thus being valuable partners in our customers international business. We believe that our people are our key asset. We have experienced, well trained, service driven individuals making a team that delivers upon our commitments.